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Welcome to SonicWALL at Networks Unlimited. We are an independent IT services company specialising in enterprise security, infrastructure management and forensics. Formed in 1992, we provide best-of-breed Technology, Consulting and Managed Services across all sectors of commerce and industry. Our SonicWALL client base is one of the largest in the UK and is a clear testament to our success.

In addition to our long-standing relationship with SonicWALL, we have a wide range of solutions for managing: Service Desk and Assets, Networks and Applications, Servers and Desktops, Active Directory, NetFlow Monitoring and Analysis, Facilities and Space, Passwords and much more. Both On-Premise and SaaS Cloud-Based versions are available and Service Providers can manage their customers' networks and infrastructure cost effectively with MSP versions.

Featured Products & Services:

TZ Series
TZ Series
SonicWALL TZ Series for home, small and medium offices and branch/remote workers.
NSA Series
TZ Series
SonicWALL NSA Series for corporate, branch office and distributed environments.
E-Class NSA Series
TZ Series
SonicWALL E-Class NSA Series next-generation firewall protection for the most demanding network.
Managed Services
Consultancy & Training
Managed Services
Utilising the latest management and reporting technologies, we can help take some of the strain.

Choose NU as Your Network Security Partner...

Security since 1995

Way back in the mid-nineties, when the rest were trying to figure out if the Internet was going to be of any use to anyone, we were busy installing network security in some of the most demanding applications of many financial institutions in the UK. Formed in 1992 and nearly 20 years on, we continue to outperform many of our competitors and are rated highly by some of the leading analyst firms.

SonicWALL since 1998

Not only were we the first company to actively sell SonicWALL, we were their first Gold Partner and have one of the largest installed bases in the UK as testament to our success.

Range of complementary products and services

Our business focus is aligned to four key areas, namely: Network Security, Infrastructure Management, Service Management and Forensics, providing our clients with a broad range of solutions for their infrastructure management.

Testament to our Success

Shortlisted for the Network Computing Awards Reseller of the Year 2011 by readers. Recognised as being a leading provider in the UK.

Friendly and Helpful service.

We pride ourselves in our commitment to customers, providing a fast and efficient service and endeavouring to provide best of breed solutions at competitive prices.